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Seattle Interior Design Process

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Q: When should I reach out to an interior designer?                 


We love creating projects that reflect our clients' personality and lifestyle.  To do this, we follow our tried and true 5 phase collaborative process. 

1)     Programming / The Brief-  During this initial interview, we discuss the function and the feel of your new space. In doing so, we also discuss the scope of work, goals, functional needs, style influences, timeline and budget. Next, our team reviews images that you provide of rooms or objects that inspire you or reflect the desired feeling of your new space. 

2)     Schematic Design- At this phase we filter The Brief through our design lens and present you with initial ideas achieve your goal. More specifically, we develop the style concept, measure your existing space, draft initial floorplans and curate preliminary selections of finishes, fixtures and furniture. We present these initial ideas and selections at our first design meeting so that we may further edit based on your feedback and preferences.

3)     Design Development- After approval of the Schematic Design concept and layout, we proceed with developing the full design by selecting finishes, fixtures and furniture. Depending on the scope and size of the project, we may meet with you several times to present the further refined selections and drawings. We guide you through this process starting with the items that have the largest impact and honing in on details.  

4)     Construction Documents – Once the Design has been approved, we finalize all construction documents and begin purchasing items. The final drawings have details for all trades people and vendors so that our design is executed as intended.  When requested, we act on your behalf in obtaining estimates from contractors. 

5)     Contract Administration – During construction, our goal is to lead our clients through what is often a difficult and disruptive process. We advocate on your behalf when problems arrive and make sure that your needs are met. After construction, we assist in the creation of a construction punch list and oversee the installation of your furniture, art and accessories. 

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