Client Testimonials

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Michelle is amazing.
We had her design and project manage a pretty large project that included new furniture for most of the rooms in our house, painting/wall treatments for the entire interior, new light fixtures in many rooms, new cabinet hardware, painting cabinets, refinishing floors, new window treatments, art selection, audio/video installation, etc. Throughout all of the work Michelle was careful to consider the budget and to provide options in a variety of price points with thoughtful suggestions on which parts were most important to spend more or less on. Michelle is extremely detail oriented and did a great job of making all the work we were doing as low stress as possible for us and helped with every little detail that we didn't want to manage ourselves.
She did a great job combining our styles and in challenging us to get a little outside our comfort zones while still making the house feel like home to us. 
We couldn't have done the project without Michelle and we came to completely trust and depend on her. Not only is her design sense impeccable, but she also treated our home as if it was her own and we knew we could always expect her to hold sub-contractors and purchased items to a higher quality standard than we would have on our own. The end result has far exceeded our expectations and we are eager to work with Michelle again in the future.
— John M.


My wife and I had an incredible experience with Michelle Dirkse. Michelle was thorough in her approach (from every aspect) and was always willing to listen AND hear exactly what we were looking for. Most importantly, Michelle made the start to end process extremely smooth—since she always provided 2-3 options for us to review…It didn't matter the size of the project. The icing on the cake with Michelle is her meticulous expectations around any and all purchases. There isn't a day that goes by that we don't stop, look and appreciate the work that Michelle did for us in our new home.
— Robert O.


Michelle was professional and prepared. The experience was calm and comfortable, and the process was simple.
I was touched that she considered the fact that we had a little one on the way, even though my husband and I hadn't given that much thought as we were first time parents. Considering things like baby proofing and stain resistance adds another layer of complexity that Michelle just naturally incorporated.
— Allison Z.


Michelle transformed our living quarters from a drab apartment to a beautifully decorated and arranged home. Michelle put together a cohesive plan that allowed us to benefit from her expertise while still having the freedom to make our own decisions. I'm truly thrilled by what Michelle was able to do for our place and highly recommend you reach out to her.
— Laurent V.