Seattle Historic Landmark Home

“We want it to look like a haunted mansion.” Our clients’ request was one that we had never heard before and we were excited to explore it. In addition to the unique style request, our clients also wanted as many building and decorating materials to be used, sustainable and vegan as possible.

The historic landmark home needed major work on the second floor. We completely re-developed the floorplan for the existing 6 bedroom 2 bath layout. By relocating walls with the help of a structural engineer and converting one of the bedrooms into an appropriately sized master bathroom, the new floorplan served the clients’ as they needed. With no plans to have others live in the home with them, we were able to convert 2 rooms into a large art studio with a lounge area. Another room was converted to a den, one to a dressing room and the last to the master bathroom. The former small master bathroom was converted to a bathing room with a hidden secondary laundry area. We also added windows to the new bathing room by following the Landmark Preservation Board approval process.

The bulk of the furniture and decor pieces were used and all of the pieces were vegan. Our clients’ placed great value on this despite the necessary time to procure the items. The result is an eclectic combination of Victorian and rustic pieces that meet our clients functional, stylistic and ethical goals.


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